Canoe Backrest for Souris River Canoes

Here's a new Canoe Backrest made by the proud owner of a Souris River Quetico 17 who happens to be a mechanical engineer by trade as well as a skilled craftsman. Beautiful ash construction which is light weight, comfortable, adjustable, and can double as a camp chair.

canoe backrest

This is Superior Forrest Product's new canoe backrest avialble through Red Rock. Forrest (first name) is the guy who builds these beuaties and if you need a fast set-up, well-designed backrest, this may be the ticket for you.
canoe backrest
Backrest in stern of beautiful canoe
canoe backrest
Maximum reclining position
canoe backrest
Maximium upright position.
canoe backrest
Secures quickly and easily for portaging

Adjustable Model fits other canoe seats by moving the forward pin
camping chair no back rest
Canoe chair assembled
Packe camping chair
Canoe chair packed
assembled camping chair
Backrest mounted on Forrest's collapsible chair.
Is this cool or what? Take the backrest off the canoe and stick it on the chair.

Getting ready to test strength
The engineer's testing apparatus. Forrest is loaded for bear.

Now for the really cool part. This is what engineers do when they aren't driving trains. At 220 pounds of weight, the backrest holds strong. That's as much weight as one big feller doing something stupid like using the backrest as a stair step to reach something high up. Drop one penny on top of this and it explodes. I'm making that up. Going beyond 220 pounds of force seems like overkill.
400 lbs. of weight on camp chair
For those of you who are in the 400 lb. range, if you sit carefully, you'll be fine. Now, a 400 lb. feller who gets further than the entry point parking lot for a BWCA canoe trip is a bit beyond my scope of imagination, but I suppose it could be done. You're gonna need a bigger canoe. If you are that heavy, sit carefully, grasshopper.

Chairs set up in BWCA at campsite
When Forrest isn't testing and redesigning in his spare time, he's out enjoying the great outdoors with his pretty cool canoe back rest and chair. Guess what, this chair would also be very handy outside of the BWCA as well. Throw it in the back of your car and head out for a picnic in your neighbor's backyard. Talk about a useful conversation piece!

Order your Superior Forest Backrest and Camp Chair here

Now that's just a cool design. If you need a really comfortable backrest that is adustable, designed and built by and engineer, the Superior Forrest Products Canoe Backrest and Camp Chair is for you. Weight of the backrest is 2 lbs., 13 ounces. Chair weight is similar but I'm not sure. I set it down somewhere in the store and can't find the little bugger. It'll turn up.

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