Red Rock Pre-Buy Hard Water Incentive
We’re getting ready and so can you! Hard water is just around the corner and we have multiple tons of ice fishing gear lining up for arrival into Red Rock. It’s a lot of great gear, but year after year, we run out and so do all of our suppliers. Then you can’t get it again for another year. This year with the turmoil in various overseas markets, don’t be surprised if you can’t get it at all. Don’t let that happen to you this season! To make sure that you get the gear you need and want, we are offering the Red Rock Pre-Buy Hard Water Incentive.

Three Big Benefits to Ordering Early during Red Rock's Pre-Buy Incentive Special:
You buy the item you want online at our catalog right now. Your credit card will be charged right away and the item you ordered will paid up in full. When the Pre-Buy item you orderd gets in to us, we ship it to you first. You can stop worrying about not getting that Nils Master auger or Marcum LX 7 or new Eskimo Fatfish Pop-up. Here’s all that you get with Red Rock's Pre-Buy Incentive Special:

1. FIFO Peace of Mind First order In placed with us becomes the First order that we ship Out when the products arrive here sometime between October 15 and Dec 10. (First-In, First-Out = FIFO)

2. Pocket Change Reward – Place a qualifying Pre-Buy Order with us and get a Red Rock Gift Card based on the following table. This gift certificate for the corresponding amount. Gift cards are good for any future orders online or in-store. That’s $25 to $75 worth of more goodies from Red Rock!

Your Red Rock
Pre-Buy Order Amount

Pocket Change Reward

$200 – $349.99


$350 – $499.99


$500 – and up


3. FREE SHIPPING – that’s worth a chunk right there!

Combine the Pocket Change Reward, FIFO Peace of Mind, and FREE Shipping incentives with any manufacturer early-buy incentives like rebates that may be available and you’ll save even more!

The Fine Print - Unless a ship sinks or plane blows up, you’ll get your Pre-Buy order before all of those other guys who waited. If we are able, you’ll get the product well before walkable ice in your area. That way you can familiarize yourself with set-up and operation and get ready for the first big event. If the item gets in sooner than October 15, we’ll ship it out to you then if we are able. Red Rock is ONLY responsible for our own Pre-Buy incentives that are offered and due to limited space, we will be doing our best to get your order out to you ASAP. If you miss any deadlines for rebates or other deals from various equipment makers, that’s on you, not Red Rock. Once you place your order and you know we have your order in our hand (via email confirmation), please don’t call/email every three or more days asking if the item has arrived. (Is it here, yet? - Is it here, yet? - Is it here, yet?) Rest assured, we’ll ship them out right after they get in to us and into our inventory system. This isn’t our first rodeo, so please be patient. If you live south of us (we’re in NE Minnesota, 5 miles from the border) chances are pretty good you won’t get ice before we do. All Pre-Buy orders ship out by regular ground shipping. Canadian orders all take a LOT longer to get through the system in Canada, so please be patient. If possible, ship to a US location and haul it over yourself. Much faster and cheaper that way.

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