Canoe Care - Proper Canoe Transportation

Whenever the question arises about how a Souris River Canoe should be transported, the answer shall always be:

With immense respect, dignity and above all; coolness.

Souris River Protocol requires that your car selection should always be thoughtfully considered before setting a Souris River Carbon Tec on top.  Remember, it's not just any old carbon fiber canoe - It's a Souris River!
Thank you!

Note: If you have a different model car than the ones depicted below, your Souris River will understand.  They are very forgiving canoes!

A Souris River Quetico 17 in Le Tigre Kevlar somewhere in Colorado on a Jeep
Thanks, Paul Lethbridge!

Carbon Tec Quetico 17 in Hamburg, Germany on an Audi
Thanks, Hubert!

Many thanks to the Grandgeorge Family!   Jan, Gary, Kelly, Jeff ,Darin and Cole

Thanks to Jon Sommer from Illinois!

Thanks to Stu & Jan Klink from Illinois!

Souris River Canoes on top of vehicles of unrelated
paddlers at the Hegman portage.  Thanks to Carl & Jean Stueland!

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