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Quetico 17's - Click Here for current pricing

All Quetico 18.5's have a third seat.

The used canoes are Red Rock's rental canoes which were in use from the mid-June until Aug. 31.

Payment in full is required to secure your Q-18.5 three seater. Pick up at your convenience.

Yoke pads included on used models. Licenses must be transferred if you live in MN. Cost is $13.

Time for a lighter canoe! They won't be here forever!

Open 9AM to 5PM Tuesday-Saturday until April 31.

Below pictures are what Red Rock's typical, used Quetico 17's in Le Tigre Kevlar look like. The Quetico 17's will have about exactly the same amount of wear. All Souris River Canoes come with integrated (built-in and smooth) skid plates for protecting the bow and stern against wear. All canoes have been inspected by us for proper function. All are 100% seaworthy.

Regarding rocks and Souris River's uniquely durable kevlar
For those of you who live in any areas outside of northern Minnesota, sorry, but your area has nothing over us with regard to rocks. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is wall to wall with sharp and blunt rocks and our canoes handle them with ease. Absolutely nothing is soft in our region. The only thing that scratches a canoe is a rock. Logs and stumps do not leave scratches in epoxy kevlar. Every little white line you see in the following pictures was made by a rock in the BWCA. These are older photos. 2011 canoes have the sme scratches but BLACK trim.

This is a typical, used, rental canoe. A zillion scratches, none of them really deep an they don't really require any attention, but you can refinish if you want.
Same typical, used, rental canoe inside. All are in very good shape and can be refinished by you.
This is a refinished Q-17 Le Tigre Kevlar - Scratches disappear but are still there.
Refinished section - scratches still visible but lessened.

Note the gunwales. On canoes which have been rented for multiple seasons, the gunwales will be much more scratched up and sometimes bent up from being fallen upon, dropped, kicked, punted, and just about every other stupid thing one could possibly imagine. These canoes are in nice shape and good to go for many years of paddling ahead at a substantial savings to you.

None of the Q-17's have any patches and skid plates are all intact.

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To buy your canoe please call 218-365-4512

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