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Using a Kayak Paddle in a Solo Canoe

Q. Can you use a double kayak paddle instead of a canoe paddle with this canoe.  I am an avid kayaker, but recently I have started camping and I need the room a canoe will afford.  But....................I like my double paddle.



A. Margaret-
We have lots of Tranq owners who use a kayak paddle and the canoe  flies down the lake.   You want  the paddle as long as possible though because a shorter paddle requires you to lift it higher than a low-slung kayak and you tend to get wetter.  We usually set up this canoe with a 250 cm paddle which is as long as we can find and this works well.  Try your short one before a trip and see how it goes; you'll know in 5 minutes if it works for you.  You can always get a longer paddle at a later time. 

Have a great day!


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