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How Much do used Grumman Canoes sell for and how do I sell one?

Q. I am interestered in buying a 17' canoe.  I own a 17 ft. Grumman Aluminum canoe which I bought in the '60's or '70's (no dents!)   My question is:  What is the best way to sell my Grumman?  Trade-in, sell myself, ebay???  What could I get for this canoe in US dollars?     I am interested in a lightweight canoe such as a kevlar or such.  


A.  Around this area (Minnesota Boundary Waters) the average used Grumman sells for about $350.  I would run a small classified ad in a "shopper" paper near you.  Everybody's always looking for an old aluminum canoe to leave at the cabin.  Anything else will involve shipping and that will tack on about $200 to the canoe which won't make it worth buying when you can get a new lighter weight aluminum (T6061 alloy came out in the late 70's) for about $799.   Shopper ads should be placed closer to springtime.  If you would like to list it on our Used Canoe Depot on the web, it'll cost you $5 for a year and you could start that anytime.  Never know when somebody near you as far as 8 hours away will come to buy the canoe.  See listings here:

For kevlar canoes, if you liked the way your Grumman handled on water but just don't like the carrying weight, you'll want a Souris River Quetico 17 in kevlar.  It is a bit more stable than a grumman, 25% faster on water (faster moving for the same effort paddling), has a 1100 lb. payload compared to Grumman's 695 lbs. and only  weighs approx. 43-46 lbs.  Durability-wise, your Grumman will dent, and these, unlike ALL other kevlar canoes, tend to bounce with little or no damage.   No other kevlar canoes made will compare to these in the way they are built and handle on the water.

Hope this info helps you out.


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