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The Quetico 16 has been the foundation of Souris River's sensible canoe hull designs. It offers very good stability and exceptional speed for a 16" canoe. It has excellent glide, payload capacity and is very user-friendly. It can do a 5-7 day canoe trip with ease. Covers a wide variety of uses from general paddling to fishing, puddle jumping to crossing big Sag. It's Bob Cary's favorite canoe ( he won't even sit in any other hull). It has a good track/turn ratio and portages like the wind.  Has the same overall characteristics of all Queticos and is a stable canoe.  However, the Quetico 17 & 18.5 are both a bit more stable due to increased size and flatter bottoms in the center of their hulls.  Bow and sterns entry and exit in the water is exactly the same in all Quetico hulls.

Layups Available:   Kevlar, Le Tigre Kevlar, Duralite, C
arbon Tec Prices and Spec's
Payload is 850 lbs. with a good working load of 400 to 650 lbs.
Flat bottom in center of canoe with shallow arch towards ends.
All layups made with premium & flexible epoxy resin
Solos beautifully from the front seat (face backwards)
Rides up and over rough water, not through it.

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