Souris River Quetico 18.5

No other canoes are built like Souris Rivers!

Here's a Souris River Quetico 18.5, kevlar, three-seater heading out for 5 days. Notice the freeboard on this loaded Souris River. Try to find this much payload capacity and freeboard in one of those more delicate racing three-seaters. Only Souris River builds realistic wilderness/recreational canoes that are truly tough, offer realistic freeboard, and take care of you when the going gets tough. (Perisho Party)  

Q-18.5 Three Seater Trip Report - Dan Kuhlman's Party of 3 just completed a seven day trip (May 26 - June 1, 2002) from Snowbank to Lake One. During the trip with moderately casual paddling, they averaged 4 to 5 mph as indicated on their GPS. If they all paddled to top-end speed they would hit 6 MPH but could not sustain it for very long. While quartering into a strong headwind on Lake Insula, they averaged 3.3 to 3.7 MPH. During these really high winds (15-20 MPH) and fully loaded on Insula, they took the crest of one white cap over the side which did not result in anything but some water in the canoe. Otherwise the canoe remained dry for the entire trip with the following load: 650 lbs. of people (3) plus 150+ lbs. of gear totaling approximately 800 lbs. Canoe stability was very comfortable.

They appeared quite happy with the overall performance of the Quetico 18.5 Three Seat Model.

Thanks to Dan Kuhlman for the great canoe performance details!

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Bow Height

Center Height

Stern Height












Souris River's Quetico 17 has a big brother! It will offer exceptional stability, speed, glide, payload capacity and user-friendliness just like the Quetico 17. If you are seeking a good all-around hull for a wide variety of uses from general paddling to harvesting wild rice to fishing, and, if you're bring along the kids or Fluffy the Great Dane, this is a very good choice in canoes for you.  Feels secure like your old family aluminum but moves much faster, stays drier, carries a larger payload, has a good track/turn ratio, and portages nicely.  Bob Cary tokk this one out last year with wife Edith an her two grand kids, Alex and Isak.  They fished all day from this Quetico 18.5 and Bob declared that they could have held a barn dance in this canoe.  It's a BIG, stable canoe!  While the listed weights below reflect a two seat Quetico 18.5.  We most often sell this model with the optional, factory-installed 3rd seat.  This third seat will add about 3 lbs. to the canoe and costs and additional $75. 

NEED MORE OPINIONS about the Quetico 18.5?  Here are comparisons to the Wenonah Champlain and more.  Just remember that you were at if you want to come back:  CLICK HERE

1. Layups:  Kevlar, Le Tigre Kevlar, Duralite, and Carbon Tec   Prices and Spec's
2. Payload is 1300 lbs. with a good working load of 600 to 850 lbs.
3. Flat bottom in center of canoe with shallow arch towards ends.
4. All layups made with premium & flexible epoxy resin
5. Used in growing number of outfitters for BWCA/Quetico Park use.
6. Rides up and over rough water, not through it.
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