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The Wilderness 18 made a name for itself with the outfitters of the Boundary Waters and private folks alike before the famouns Souris River Quetico 17 came to be. Known for it's ability to go where the average kevlar canoe wouldn't dare, the Wilderness is respected for it's heavy hauling capacity and dryness when the going gets rough. Unlike other brand 18' canoes, the Wilderness will turn and maneuver with grace. It was held in high regard by folks who make their livings on the water such as Minnesota DNR including Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation departments. Wildernesses also comprise the canoes of choice by the Lake County Sheriff's rescue squad. but in many cases has been replaced by the more stable Quetico 17 and the big hauler, Quetico 18.5. It has excellent glide and payload capacity and turns more easily in it's radius than a Quetico model. It can also be blown off course more easily than the Queticos when paddled empty in a large cross wind.

NOTE: This canoe has a slightly tippier feel to it when traveling empty due to its shallow arched bottom and 2' of rocker.  Many Wilderness 18 paddlers comment that stability goes up when you load this canoe up which stands to reason because the chines (the curved part where the side meet the bottom of the hull) settle in to the water, maximized wetted surface.  This means that more canoe is in the water with more water holding the canoe up.  More support by water means more stability.  The difference between this canoe and the Quetico 17 is that all the Quetico hulls maximize wetted surface when they are placed on the water regardless of being loaded or empty.  This is because of their relatively flat bottoms in the center par of the canoe.  Also, Quetico 17's have the same exact compartment space as the Wilderness 18 in between thwarts and yoke.  It ends up being about 4.5 inches longer in the bow and stern over the Quetico hulls.  Due to the different hull shape, the Wilderness 18 is slightly more agile than the Quetico 17 in turning.  This also indicates that it can be slightly harder to maintain a straighter line than the Queticos.

The Wilderness 18 was and still is a great canoe, but we sell one of them to every 500 Quetico 17's nowadays.

1. Available in these hull layups:  Kevlar, Le Tigre Kevlar, Prices and Spec's
2. Payload is 1200 lbs. with a good working load of 500 to 750 lbs.
3. Shallow-arched bottom.
4. All layups made with premium flexible epoxy resin.
5. Bow paddler has a lot of freeboard and room.
6. Rides up and over rough water, not through it.

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