VMC Tinglers Spoon - 1/16 Ounce

VMC Tingler Spoons offer a wide wobbling action that mimics the movement of a dying baitfish with its curved body and V-Shape design. The large holographic eye and live baitfish patterns increase the anglers odds of catching more fish. The VMC Ultra Glow colors last up to 15 minutes before needing recharged.
Price: $3.49


VMC Tingler Spoons Colors

yellow perchYellow Perch


Gold ShinerGold Shiner
Glow Red ShinerGlow Red Shiner

Glow Pink Fire UVGlow Pink Fire UV

Glow Green Fire UVGlow Green Fire UV

Glow Gold FishGlow Gold Fish

Glow Chart ShinerGlow Chartreuse Shiner

Glow Blue ShinerGlow Blue Shiner

Emerald ShinerEmerald Shiner