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Ice Auger Blade Sharpening Service

Save money - get your ice auger blades resharpened fast.  

 Single Chipper Blades cost $9.95  Paired blades (2) cost $14.95   Three Blade Sets  Strikemaster Ultramag & Jiffy STX  cost $19.95

Please place your order here online and then send in the blades to us.  Return shipping is included in the price.  A set of two blades constitutes one set.  Your cost is $14.95 per set.  Select from the drop-down box below.  If you are sending in one Jiffy or Strikemaster chipper-style blade, the cost is $9.95.  For the rare, Strikemaster Ultramag 9",  3-Blade Set, cost is $19.95  The Jiffy STX, three blade set is also $19.95.  Ultramag blades are no longer available for new purchase and are obsolete so we recommend that they be treated with care.

When shipping blades to us, please make sure they are in a durable package and not a plain envelope.  Also note that if you are sending really rusty blades, sometimes the rust can penetrate the cutting edge pores in the metal and not allow us to form a perfect edge.  We'll do the best we can.  Blades which have been used for drilling post holes in the dirt/rocks - while that is completely insane - may not perform well even when re-sharpened.  Yes, we could not believe it, either....  

How to do it:  Complete this order on this page by selecting your blades option from the dropdown box below: Single or Paired.  Then continue on in the catalog and spend with abandon if so desired.  When you are ready to check out, View Cart on your upper right (see the little shopping cart - click on it ), and then Checkout online.  Before you do all that, copy one or the other addresses below depending on how you intend to get your blades to us.  Mail or Ship the blades to us at one of the two address options below (you pay the postage TO us, we pay the return postage back to you.).  

If using US Mail:

Red Rock
P.O. Box 690
Ely,  MN  55731

If shipping with UPS, Fedex, or Speedee:

Red Rock
2267 Fernberg Road
Ely,  MN 55731

We generally can offer next day ship-out with the exception of your blades landing here on Friday or any holidays.  We know you need those blades so our goal is to  get them out ASAP.   Expedited shipping costs more and "overnighting" will make them cost as much as  a new set of blades so please plan ahead.  It takes from 1-5 days to get them here depending on where you live and assuming no screw-up by the various shipping companies.  Bad weather can cause delays as well.  We've shipped a million packages and delays can happen.  Shipping to Canada will cost more and be added to your credit card.  Sorry, we can not sharpen Nils cutting heads.

For Nils Master Cutting Head Sharpening Service contact:

Frank Deluca
5382 Jentoft Rd.
Saginaw,  MN   55779



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Auger Resharpening
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Trollingforeyes (Gods Country) - February 14th 2015
I mailed my blades to Red Rock in Ely Monday morning. I was very surprised when I received them back today, Thursday morning. That is very fast service. I put them on the auger and headed down to the lake for the real test. WOLA!! I had 3 holes thru the ice just as fast as it was new. Kudos to Red Rock for a outstanding job. I will be sending another set soon. It is very nice to know of a local merchant that provides outstanding service such as RED ROCK OUTFITTERS IN ELY MN