Tanaka Motor with Adapter for Nils Auger 27CC Motor SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON

Tanaka Motor with Adapter for Nils Auger 27 CC Motor

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27CC 11000 rpm 24:1 reduction gear, locking gear case.

Got a Nils Hand Auger?  Well, this is the motor for that specific auger.  You can turn your Nils auger into an excellent, fast and lightweight power auger with the capability to go back to using it as a hand auger any time you want.  This drill motor TED270PFDH power head fits all available sizes of Nils hand augers (4.5", 6.0" and 8.0") Unlike all other power augers, you have the capability of installing a drill chuck on it for non-ice-season usage.

Plus, unlike all other power ice augers, the Tanaka powerhead has a transmission lock.  Flick a lever and you lock the transmission.  In the rare event that you get the auger stuck , in say a double layer of ice, you can lock the transmission and wind it out backwards by hand.  I know several people who've had to un-stick their beloved Jiffy's and Strikemaster power augers with a pipe wrench because the transmission is not lockable - the motor just spins.  You know what I'm talking about.... Not only is that wrench hard on the paint, you may not have an extra pipe wrench laying around in your ice fishing gear.      

Last but not least, a NILS power auger is not just fast, it's very fast! You know how fast your Nils hand auger is?   You'll double that speed with the Tanaka motor on top of it and at full throttle, you can still talk to your buddies.  Can't do that with other augers as well.  This is an awesome little powerhead. 


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