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Clam Ice Armor Boots

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Joe's Assessment:  I've now had the opportunity to wear these this winter.  I put them on with my blue  Ice Armor suit and am loaded for bear!  These are the warmest boots I've ever owned.  I spent darn near every Sunday & Monday in a Clam Summit on the ice.  After years of doing this with my Sorels and ALWAYS having frozen feet after 5 hours of staring down the hole, I was amazed at how warm my feet were at the the end of the day!  Then when I get home and take off my Ice Armor boots I make another discovery:  My boot liners aren't soaking wet!  In my Sorels, at the day's end, my feet are soaked.  I just thought that was the way it worked.  With Ice Armor boots, that is not the case any longer.  I'm not exactly sure where the water goes, but it's not in my boots any more and my feet stay warm.  Note:  if you wear a 10-1/2, order the 11's and so on.  Also, they are a bit bulky around the the calves and have a pretty aggressive sole so put on your bibs first and then your Ice Armor boots.  Stuffing these fat puppies through the pant legs of your Ice Armor bibs is otherwise very entertaining to innocent bystanders.  If your feet are on the ice all day long and in wet conditions, these are the boots I recommend.  -JB-

UPDATE 2013:  Wore them a whole bunch of times this winter and down to -20 F.  Still love them!

Also, for sizing, try them on in your living room first and leave all  the tags intact.  You should be able to put on a thin liner sock and then a heavier knit wool sock (like  Ullfrotte' merino wool) over the top.  Then, you should have enough room to wiggle your toes a bit.  Remember that all insulated boots will get a little roomier inside as the insulation compresses during break-in, so you don't need to be able to land a 747 in the space between your sock-covered toes and the new boots.   Note that if you wear them outside, then return them for sizing,  and we see any signs of  "field-testing" such as the usual crinkling that occurs in all footwear break-in's, you'll be getting that same pair back, period.  Any boots returned for sizing must be returned in "brand new, unused", condition - tags on, box in reasonably nice shape.  We want those Clam boots to fit you well, but if you can't live with this reasonable condition for returning for sizing, please get your Clam ice fishing boots somewhere else.  Thanks!  -JB-

5 layers of Thinsulate® insulation
Full Grain Leather upper
Thick EVA IceCushion™ midsole
Wateproof, breathable AquaPLUS™ membrane
Ice Armor Boots - Size 9
Ice Armor Boots - Size 10
Ice Armor Boots - Size 11
Ice Armor Boots - Size 12
Ice Armor Boots - Size 13



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