Lake Trout Tube Jig Hooks - 3 Pack

Lake Trout Tube Jig Hooks
 You can find these all over Canada, but they are sometimes pretty hard to find in the US.  If you like to fish lakers with white tubes like they really do here in northern MN, these are the right hooks for you.  I know several customers who rig up with all sorts of doohickey things to get that white tube to hang horizontal the way lake trout like to view their dinner.  Now, it's easy!  Slide one of these jigs up the backside of a white (or other color depending on your lake) 4" tube and tie it on to your tip up.  Drop down to the depth that you are marking trout.  Go back inside your pop-up and vertically jig a Worden's Showdown with a lot of flash plus that great pulse of low frequency water disturbance that bring lakers in for a look.  Watch your tip up flag and you are set!

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