Production Jig Molds Pro 102

Jig Molds

Jig mold for making 8 individual, round ball jigs with ball ends.  1/8 oz.

Makes for easier tying of feathers or fur and will work with plastic bodies. 

Production jig mold for making 8 individual, round ball jigs. Eight 1/8 oz. jigs.

Pour your own jigs and save money plus you can take pride in what you've produced!  Who knows? You might have the next hot color combo!  This mold uses the Eagle Claw Aberdeen 570 and 575  style hooks.  Red Rock stocks barbless Eagle Claw 570 jig hooks for your next adventure into Canada or barbless-only fishing waters in the US so you can actually make jigs that nobody else has anywhere!

Note:  When pouring lead,  make sure you are in a heavily vented room or at least have the wind blowing through.  Don't hole up in a broom closet when it -40 below outside and pour lead.  Also, get a pair of leather gloves.  For more info go to the experts at 

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