Willow Leaf Spinner Assortment (#1 size) 100 pack

Willow Leaf Spinner Assortment

Size 1 Willow leaf Spinner Assortment adds flash to your pony head jigs to simulate a rolling bait fish and catch the attention of fish swimming by.  Team it up with a chartreuse or black curly tail body and you have a walleye go-getter unlike anything you've tried before!  Cast it, let fall, and work it along the bottom.  Walleyes and a bunch of other species will attack like they mean it.  

Get 20 each of  Smooth Copper, Hammered Copper, Hammered Gold, Hammered Nickel, Smooth Nickel in the 100 pack assortment.

Don't limit yourself!  You can used these spinners with finesse spinner rigs you make up yourself, plus they make a handy extra flash to any hook.  Just attach to the hook eye with a split ring.  Sometimes, you don't even need plastic.  Just cast the hook-spinner rig and work it gently along the bottom.  Set the hook on first bite!

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