One of the world's most enduring symbols, the cricle, is the inspiration for our Medicine Stone Jewellery. The circle represents harmony, completeness, and continuity-it is the wheel of life that holds our world together

Medicine Stone Jewellery has compelling quality-combining the striking beauty and power of semi-precous stones with natural fetishes such as bear, arrowhead, and eagle feather. The bear is a provider and symbol of strength. The arrowhead is a talisman for the hunter. Eagle Feathers signify freedom and the ability to search beyond the horizon.

Designed and handcrafted in our Vancouver Studio, each piece of jewellery is truly unique. Wearing Medicine Stone Jewellery is said to embue one with a feeling of strength and serenity. The polished surfaces of the medicine stone reflect a magical natural beauty, creating a soothing effect the restores the spirit.

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