Prescott Strip-on Spinners

Prescott Strip-on Spinners
To use these unusual lures take a bigger dead minnow, remove the two pronged hook from the back of the Strip-On, and perform field surgery on the minnow by shoving the flattened, loop end of the rig into the minnow's mouth, right straight through and out the minnow butt. Re-thread the double hook back through the loop and cast or troll this meat hook special out alongside weed beds, over reefs, etc. Northerns will attack it like sharks eating sailors while circling a sinking Portugese Man-of War battleship on its way down to Davey Jone's locker. Make sure (like all casts with other lures) you cast at least three times in one spot. Never scatter your casts all over, because northerns come and check to see what's falling in the lake and if you only cast once in that spot, he may or may not hit on the first pass, but is likely to attack when he sees it for the second or third time.

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