Bass Tckle

Shop a wide selection of bass fishing tackle to catch the big one!  We will have all the right tackle for you!

Bending Branches Canoe Paddles

As the world's largest manufacturer of quality canoe, kayak, and stand-up paddles, we remain a privately held company in Northwestern Wisconsin, staffed by paddling enthusiasts. This translates into countless hours spent designing, prototyping, testing, and perfecting each of our paddles. And when that's done, we go back and look at ways to build them even better. Lighter, stiffer, smarter, more durable, and more beautiful. Our customers have found our paddles to be their long-term companions on adventures, both short and long.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area & Quetico Maps

BWCA Maps by Fisher, McKenzie, Voyager, Lake Maps and Quetico.  A good BWCA or Quetico map is an absolute must for all Minnesota Boundary Waters travel.
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Camping Gear

Tents, Sleeping bag, camping gear and accessories, backpackers pantry, Cache lake and much more.

Canoe & Camping Trail Food

Canoe and Camping Trail Food, Backpacker Pantry and Cache Lake.

Canoe Gear & Accessories

Canoe gear and accessories evrything you need from straps to paddles. Topties, Canoe Straps, Crazy Creek Chairs, Yoke pads, PFD's and much more.  WE have the right gear for all your canoeing needs.

Clearance Items

Clearance Items from tackle to electronics
K & E Skandia Pelkie Jigs - tungsten #12
VMC Teardrop Jigs 1/8 oz.
K & E Skandia Pelkie Jigs - tungsten #14
VMC Tinglers Spoon 1/4 Ounce
K & E Skandia Pelkie Jigs - tungsten #10
K & E Skandia Pelkie Jigs - tungsten #16
VMC Tinglers Spoon 1/16 Ounce
VMC Rattle Spoons - 1/4 oz.
VMC Rattle Spoons - 1/8 oz.
VMC Tinglers Spoon 1/8 Ounce

Ely Art Company Home Decor

NEW!  Beautiful Print Art from the paintings of Ely, MN artist, Joe Baltich!  Framed & unframed prints, mugs, clings, and more now available.  

And don't forget his custom hand-painted wine glasses, custom canvas paintings, and custom orders all available from Ely Minnesota.  Note that hand-painted pieces are all slightly different.  

Prints or paintings make wonderful gifts!  Have your pet portrait painted on canvas - see pricing here.  


Hand Painted Camp Fire Glassware
Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments
Hand Painted Log Cabin Glassware
Hand Painted Loon Glassware
Hand Painted Hummingbird Glassware
Hand Painted Birds & Birch Trees Glassware
Hand Painted Chickadee Glassware
Hand Painted Canoe Scene Glassware
Hand Painted Monarch Butterfly Glassware

Fishing Electronics

Fishing Electronics for Summer and Winter Fishing by Humminbird, Lowrance, Garmin, Marcum, and Vexilar.  From GPS units to flashers and underwater cameras.
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Fishing Tackle and Equipment

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Gransfors Bruks Axes

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe is most popular. Gränsfors Bruks has built up a business based around handcrafted axes and axe expertise, with a focus on quality and environmental responsibility.

Ice Auger Blade Sharpening Service

Save money - get your ice auger blades resharpened fast.  Yes - we sharpen Lazer Hand & Power Blades all the time!  (The only blades we do not sharpen are Nils Cutting Heads)
Ice Auger Blade Sharpening

Ice Fishing Weekly Deals

Ice Fishing Weekly Deals marcum, humminbird, vexilar, Ht, Strikemaster and Eskimo.
Ice Auger Blade Sharpening
Moonshine Shiver Minnow Size 1
Moonshine Shiver Minnow Size 00

Ullfrotté Original Woolpower

Ullfrotté Original was first developed by Woolpower AB in Östersund, Sweden during the early 1970’s in collaboration with the Swedish military. The result: a garment providing superior insulation and effective moisture management.

Our blend of fine Merino wool, synthetics, and air creates a supergarment that balances durability with raw function

ntended to be worn directly next to skin, Ullfrotté Original’s unique terry-loop design with loose-knit wool fibers optimizes heat retention while effectively managing overall thermal comfort.

– Ullfrotté Original –

Ullfrotté Original is knit with a smooth outer synthetic layer, and a soft terry loop inner lining. The lofty terry loops on the inside, coupled with the natural crimp of Merino wool fibers, create a garment capable of trapping warm air circulating just above the outer layer of skin.

The permeable nature of Ullfrotté Original material allows moisture to be transported away from the body. As the body heats up, perspiration is released and water vapor accumulates inside your clothing. The terry loop design facilitates the process of trapping body heat while simultaneously releasing moisture.

Merino wool is naturally delicate. A pure wool garment therefore
does not lend itself to optimal wear resistance. In order to achieve
maximum durability, we created Ullfrotté: a Merino and synthetic
blend that offers increased strength, memory, and elasticity. Thus,
an ultra-resilient, comfortable garment is born.

4 Degrees

200 g/m2:
The thinnest Ullfrotté Original garment to be worn directly against the skin as a base layer.

400 g/m2 & 600 g/m2:
Designed as a mid-layer to increase insulation between base layer and outer shell.

800 g/m2:
The heaviest Ullfrotté Original fashioned into the warmest, comfiest sock on Earth.

Ullfrotté Original  Crew 200 Top
Ullfrotté Original Long Johns 200
Ullfrotté Original  Zip Turtleneck 200
Ullfrotté Original  200 Socks