Lost in the Boundary Waters Canvas Print 12 x 28 by Joe Baltich

Lost in the Boundary Waters Canvas Print by Joe Baltich
Price: $230.00


This is a print on metal from the original artwork by Joe Baltich in Ely, Minnesota. Ready to hang.

My inspiration for this painting was the rocks of the Boundary Waters.  After spending about 25 years guiding day trips in the wilderness of Minnesota, upon numerous occasions, I've had the personal experience of passing by these rocks covered with moss and lichens in several areas surrounding my home.  They've always been one of my favorite sights and I built this painting around them.  

After laying down countless brush strokes of color, I finished the rocks and tree scene in the middle but the rest of the canvas fought me.  I came really close to painting the entire canvas white, rocks and all, white and going with some other scene.  I could not give up the rocks however and one night in my sleep, the idea came to me as to how to finish this painting and the red canoe resting on the rocks was born.  After about 70 hours, I finally finished the scene and now I consider it one of my favorites.  -JB-